Protects against gate latch and hinge damage


Gate Stop

  • • Helps keep the gate in alignment
  • • Protects against gate-slam damage
  • • Reduces unwanted gate-slam noise
  • • Super-strong polymer construction means no rust
  • Gate Stop
  • Gate Stop
  • Gate Stop
  • Gate Stop

Gate Stop™ is the ideal gate alignment devise for preventing hinge, latch and gate damage and prolongs the life of your gate.

There are two size models to fit gates of different sizes and materials. Moulded from high-strength polymer materials, it is guaranteed against rust, distortion and staining.

Has an integrated rubber cushion mounted to the inside face

For gates higher than 4 feet (1.2m), two Gate Stops may be required to guard against severe "concussion" or twisting damage.

IMPORTANT: Gate Stops should not be used on child safety gates, as toddlers may use them as footholds.

See installation animation on this website page

  • Rubber buffer insert
    Rubber buffer insert

    Ensures soft, quiet closure and prevents gate damage

  • Strong, molded polymer & stainless steel
    Strong, molded polymer & stainless steel

    Won't rust, bind, sag or stain

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Rigorous testing programs ensure our products are of the highest quality, enabling us to back them with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Description Code Color Gate
Gate Stop TCGS2 Black
  • Wood
Gate Stop TCGS3 Black
  • Metal
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Gate Stop Product Video
Gate Stop Product Video
Gate Stop
Gate Stop
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