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Drop Bolts

D&D Technologies’ DropBolts are designed for securing gates and keeping them in the open position when required.

Made from hi-tech engineering polymers and stainless steel componentry, D&D Technologies’ DropBolts offer unprecedented reliability, stylish and ergonomic design, and are suitable for mounting on gates of almost any material.

They are designed to last, guaranteed rust-free and backed by a limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Drop Bolts Drop Bolts

Gate Handles

The Gate Handle is a general-purpose device designed to fit all types of gates and gate materials. It offers convenient gate opening and closing on virtually all commercial and household applications.

Fits left hand and right hand openings.

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Gate Handles Gate Handles

Gate Stops

There are two models to fit gates of different sizes and materials. Molded from high-strength polymer materials, it is guaranteed against rust, distortion and staining.

For gates higher than 1200mm, two Gate Stops may be required to guard against severe "concussion" or twisting damage.

Gate Stops should not be used on child safety gates, as toddlers may use them as footholds.

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Gate Stops Gate Stops