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Pool & Spa News Readers' Choice Award 2012

SureClose was designed to replace conventional hinges, closers and header arrangements, through its unique design that hides the closer hydraulics inside the fence post.

SureClose Delivers:

  • Greater strength and performance compared to traditional heavy duty closers and hinges, with an installed cost at or below current options.
  • Consistent superior performance due to its dual thrust bearings.
  • Stylishly designed and corrosion resistant, SureClose uses high strength aluminum with stainless steel components.
  • SureClose is a workhorse, testing to 500,000 cycles with a 680kg point-load capacity, self-closing gates up to 120kg.


Designed for commercial, industrial, custom residential and estate gates, SureClose comes in three basic models, with mounting brackets that cover most any square post installation, including steel or aluminum, flush mounted or center mounted, fastened or welded, with adjustable self-closing speed. Models are also available that feature a final snap action for overcoming electric or coded locks found in many security applications and a non-self-closing version for access control and most heavy commercial or residential gates with a point load up to 680kg.

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