TruClose Regular

TruClose Regular

Tension Adjustable, Self-Closing Gate Hinges

TruClose Regular

The TruClose Regular hinge range is suitable for gates weighing up to 30kg with a maximum gate load up to 250kg. A number of options are available, including:

Standard - Dependable TruClose reliability

Alignment Legs - Offering quick and easy installation, these side fixing legs also offer additional fixing strength. Gate gaps are fixed at 19mm on the regular range with alignment legs.

Mini-Multi - Highly adjustable, accommodating gate gaps up to 50mm as well as vertical adjustment up to 19mm.

Round Posts - Whether using chain link or 50mm round railing systems, D&D offers a variety of models to fit most common diameters and post-to-gate configurations.

Deco Mold - Tension-adjustable decorative hinges suitable for wood gates.