World Alzheimer’s Day

World Alzheimer’s Day World Alzheimer’s Day

World Alzheimer's Day is on September 21, 2016

Posted: September 14, 2016

Australian company offers an ideal aged-care facility security product.

The facts*:

  • September 21, 2016, is World Alzheimer’s Day.
  • Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia.
  • There are about 354,000 Australians living with dementia.
  • Each week, there are more than 1,800 new cases of dementia in Australia.
  • Dementia is the second leading cause of death in Australia, and there is no cure.
  • Worldwide there are more than 46.8 million people with dementia, with 131.5 million predicted by 2050
  • Dementia is the single greatest cause of disability in older Australians aged 65 years or older

* Source: Alzheimer’s Australia


It’s no secret: our population is increasing, we’re living longer, and more and more of us will ultimately turn to Australia’s aged-care system, services and infrastructure for assistance in our old age.

The care and security of our ageing population has become a major priority for the aged-care system. While 3% of people aged between 65 and 74 are thought to have dementia, studies alarmingly reveal that some 43% of people in permanent residential aged care in the same age group had a diagnosis of dementia.

The Australian Government spend $14.8 billion on aged-case services during 2013-14. The care, housing and security of the elderly is proving increasingly costly and more problematic. People with dementia and Alzheimer’s in aged-care facilities and residential care become “flight risks” in that they tend to wander. Entrance, perimeter and even inter-facility security points are being challenged by dementia sufferers.

Australian company D&D Technologies, which made its name in the child gate safety business, namely swimming pool and childcare centre gates, believes it has come up with the ultimate gate latch for aged-care facilities and for home-care situations. For more than 25 years D&D has been refining and improving its renowned MagnaLatch® Magnetic Safety Gate Latch, but early in 2016 it announced the world’s first and only combined gate latch and electronic alarms– the MagnaLatch® ALERT. The MagnaLatch® ALERT comes in two models – one for child safety gates (e.g. swimming pools and childcare centres) and another model for gates around homes, aged-care facilities, yards, gardens and perimeter areas.

This new latch-alarm device offers a dual alarm system of flashing LED lights (safety you can see) and an audible alarm (safety you can hear). It’s the perfect solution for when carers can’t turn their backs for a second.

Many an elderly patient or dementia sufferer will challenge the security of their safe haven, and with this in mind the new ALERT latches are thoughtfully designed so that upon each entry or exit of a gate a single beep is heard. This notifies carers or property owners whenever someone enters or exits a gate.

If a gate is left or held open a second beep will be heard after 10 seconds. It’s only after 15 seconds of the gate being open and unlatched that the alarm siren begins to ramp up and LED lights begin to flash, providing carers and owners with visual and audible alerts, even from inside the facility or home.

Former Australian Olympic swimming coach and child water safety advocate, Laurie Lawrence, has had a long association with D&D Technologies and its Australian-made products. Says Lawrence: “I was mightily impressed with the first MagnaLatch when it came out over 20 years ago. But to see this new model of MagnaLatch ALERT, with built-in electronic alarms, represents an entirely new level of safety and peace-of-mind for homeowners, parents and carers. This is a major breakthrough for all types of safety gates.”

The best news is the ease with which the new latch-alarm system is installed. The electronic alarms are powered by an integrated, replaceable battery, so there’s no need for wiring, electricians or special tools. By simply screwing the latch onto the gate/fence the owner gains both a safety gate latch and an alarm system!

In 2015 the ground-breaking features of the MagnaLatch® ALERT were recognised with an Australian ‘Good Design Award’, now an internationally recognised award for innovative products.

In addition to all the alarm features of the new latch, and like all regular MagnaLatches, the ALERT models feature magnetically-triggered latching, key lockable security (rekeyable by a locksmith to match house doors), a visible Locked/Unlocked indicator, and a high degree of horizontal and vertical adjustment to ensure ongoing performance.

D&D Technologies’ Marketing Director, Justin Francis, says: “Not only does the MagnaLatch® ALERT notify that a gate is not closed and secure, but more importantly it warns that the gate is not properly latched. Until the latching mechanism is engaged, the alarms will flash and sound, even on fences where the gate may appear to be closed and safe. So this product is really an ‘unlatched’ alarm system, which is unique. We’re talking about what must surely be the safest gate latch in the world.”

The two models of the new MagnaLatch® ALERT are the tall ‘Top Pull’ model for swimming pool and other child safety gates, and the shorter ‘Vertical Pull’ model for front, side, perimeter and pet gates.

All product mounting screws, instructions, alarm battery and an Owner’s Manual are supplied standard.

The MagnaLatch® ALERT is available at Bunnings, other good hardware stores, or your local fencing contractor. SRP $195.

D&D Technologies is fully Australian owned, and all products are Australian made. All of D&D’s high-tech gate hardware latches and hinges carry a Lifetime Warranty. The electronic alarm unit of the MagnaLatch® ALERT carries a 2-Year Warranty.

For technical product information contact D&D Technologies (02) 9454 7888, or at Or visit

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