UK Fencing & Landscape News - April

UK Fencing & Landscape News - April

The UK Fencing & Landscape News - April Edition has just run editorial to announce the launch of D&D's new LokkLatch MAGNETIC.

D&D Technologies, the gate hardware innovators have come up with another great design. D&D invests a lot of time and money in R&D and the company’s team of design engineers are always designing tomorrow’s gate hardware.

Now that D&D have launched their new LokkLatch® MAGNETIC GATE LOCK, you can only marvel at their dedication to constant improvement. With the new LokkLatch MAGNETIC, what is impressive is the way they’ve woven D&D’s famous magnetic technology into a sturdy, handle-style gate lock! It’s not just a gate latch, it’s a gate lock!

A decorative feature of the new LokkLatch® is the option to have either Gloss Black, Brushed or Chrome-style handle trim, also all the screws and fasteners are concealed to make it clean and stylish.

This “privacy and security lock” features unique push/pull access, and operates from both sides of the gate, but
also the fact the 6-pin lock cylinders in these devices can be rekeyed by a locksmith to match your front door.

The intuitive PUSH/PULL handle action will please everyone. It is fully adjustable vertically and horizontally at installation or afterwards if gate sag or earth movement occurs.

They can be easily installed onto any square-post gate and fence post from 38mm to 150mm deep.

“We see the new LokkLatch® MAGNETIC GATE LOCK creating a great deal of interest in Europe, if the positive feedback from our other international markets is any indication” says Justin Francis, D&D’s Sales Manager.